What is a safe cleaner to use when washing my rims?
We generally recommend customers use Simple Green®, diluted 50/50, or
something similar. As long as the cleaner doesn't contain harsh chemicals
such as ammonia, solvents, or detergents.
My bike isn't listed on any of your application charts. Do you make
products for it?
Currently our application charts only account for newer models, generally
late nineties and up. However, even though your bike may not be listed
doesn't mean we don't make something that will work with it. We recommend
you contact your local dealer and have them look up the part numbers to see
if they match newer models. You can also contact us. We would be glad to
research it further to find something that works for you.
I want to buy a rim from you but don't know how to put it on my bike.
Can I do it myself?
Lacing a wheel is a complicated process. Therefore, if you have never done it
before, we do not recommend you do it yourself. We recommend you take it
to your local dealer and have them lace it for you. Alternatively, you can send
it to us and we will lace it for a small fee of $50 per wheel.
I just got a wheel set from you, what should I do to maintain it?
We recommend that you tighten your spokes after every ride for the first 3-4
rides. The reason being that, because the wheels are newly assembled, the
spokes have not seated completely into the hubs. As you ride the spokes will
begin to seat in the hubs, and should be completely seated after 3-4 rides.
Continue to check spokes periodically thereafter.